Swine Feed

All-natural pork production offers rewarding marketing opportunities for the end product

Provimi North America provides Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition with specific formulations so that they can make all-natural complete feeds and supplements for use on individual farms.

They can also provide producers that have on-farm feed mixing equipment with the Natural-Pork nutritional products. 


Provimi North America, a nutritional services company with a reputation of leadership in swine nutrition, has developed a feeding program to assist farmers in optimizing performance while working in harmony with the all-natural production restrictions that limit the use of antibiotics and certain feed ingredients.

Swine Feed Products

  • Natural Complete Sow Feeds

  • Phoenix Nutura Pork 

  • G/F 50-40 Grow Finish

  • Phoenix Natural Sow Base 100

  • IGP 5/10 (Vitamins, yeast cultures and preservatives)

  • Cinergy (blends of essential oils)

Natural-Pork Swine Includes

Milk Proteins to optimize protein quality and essential amino acid concentration


Vegetable Oils high-energy ingredients to help animals meet their caloric requirements


Phytase Enzyme this is an environmentally friendly enzyme that improves digestibility of phosphorus in grain, thus less phosphorus is excreted on the land


Amino Acids their inclusion reduces the need for excessive crude protein levels. This reduces nitrogen excretion and ammonia levels in manure and environment


Direct Fed Microbial Improves pathogen control 


Natural Feed Additives that enhance animal performance naturally