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Feed Monitoring Systems

Digi-Star TMR Trackers efficiently and accurately measure feed usage for comparison with set rations.

Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition is a Digi-Star distributor and service provider. We work with Digi-Star TMR Tracker systems to measure the dry matter and moisture in feed, generate detailed reports on feeding data, and manage the transfer of feeding information.

Features Include: 


  • Customization: Pen Feeding list and report filters now have added custom view options so that you can see only pertinent information, in the order that makes sense for your farm

  • Call weights & reports displaying to the decimal point easily used for research applications & micro ingredients

  • Inventory stock levels managed on a dry basis

  • Back dating price effectiveness of ingredients

  • Scheduling a ration transition gradually over time

  • Completely custom report generating wizard for easy selection of key data points you want to compare

  • Nutrient value input tracking including Protein, Starch, Sugar, NDF, Calcium, Phosphorous


Feed cost management:

  • Compares intended feed ration against actual fed ration

  • calculates and records daily feed costs and dry matter intake

  • calculates “Income over Feed Cost” on a per pen/ per head bases

  • registers feed Weighback

Easy operation for all user levels


TMR Tracker Benefits:

  • Works with most herd management programs to import headcounts and milk weights

  • Increased production through consistent feeding

  • Option to allow consultants online access to feeding data & specialized reports

  • Employee and mixer management tools

  • Moisture Tracker software integration

  •  Capable of truck scale integration


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