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The right combination of vitamins and minerals is essential in maximizing a herd’s health and production efficiency.

At Phoenix Feeds and Nutrition, we work with nutritionists to determine which mix of feeds best suits each customer’s needs.

We help farmer become more efficient and profitable by providing the highest quality feed at the lowest possible price.

Good nutrition leads to happy, healthy and productive animals. Contact us today for a free quote to get started.


Our Nutrition Specialists


With knowledge of dairy nutrition and farming practices, David has gained a reputation of invaluable commitment and impeccable problem-solving. He is well versed with the latest nutrition technologies, which allow him to provide top quality advice and services to our customers and their herds.

Ration Balancing for Optimized Feed Programs

Phoenix Feeds has teamed up with Provimi to ensure our dairy customers have access to the latest nutritional technology available in the industry.

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