A healthy GI tract means a healthy and productive animal.

PROBAC-5+™ with Bovamine Dairy ® improves the protein and fiber digestibility of the TMR, thereby getting more nutrition out of the feed for the cow.

The production expectations from the modern dairy cow continue to rise as does the cost of production. Maintaining a healthy digestive tract becomes critical in optimizing the health and performance of the herd. With about 80% of the animal’s immune system being associated with the interaction of the gut microbiome and the gastro-intestinal tract it, becomes critical that the microbial balance is not disrupted.


Probac-5+™ with Bovamine® has been scientifically designed to provide both pre- and probiotics (DFM’s) together with enzymes to help balance the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

The components of Probac-5+™ with Bovamine® are designed to target specific regions of the GI tract to maintain this balance.


The yeast culture, live yeast, and fungal enzymes help maintain a healthy rumen pH, increase the digestion of the feed, and balance the rumen microflora. The increase in fiber digesting bacteria and the lactic acid utilizers in the rumen optimize the nutrients for absorption, thereby improving production and feed efficiency.


Active probiotics provide beneficial bacteria to help target and balance the lower GI tract by competitive exclusion of the pathogenic bacteria, maintaining the acid pH, interacting with the gut wall to maintain a healthy immune system, and activation of the endogenous enzyme system to improve lower GI tract feed digestion.

Field Data Collected

from Large Dairies


The initial effect of BOVAMINE DAIRY on the apparent digestibility of pdNDF, NDF, protein and starch and on fecal starch and rumen and post-rumen digestibility in herds where fecal starch was ≥2% prior to the daily feeding of BOVAMINE DAIRY for three weeks (n=16)


The Live Yeast offers Superior Performance vs Competitors

Probac Chart.png

Yeast 4

Yeast 3

Yeast 2*

Yeast 1